Health care encompasses an expansive field of jobs and businesses. This industry includes facilities like hospitals and clinics as well as technology companies that help improve access to medical data and facilitate interactions between patients and doctors, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms that create medications or vaccines to fight disease, insurance providers and health management firms – the list goes on!

Healthcare companies strive to make a difference in people’s lives; some, like Cardinal Health, enjoy wide public recognition while others, like AmerisourceBergen, may be less visible yet still have significant impacts.

Health care technology companies are continually finding innovative ways to enhance patient experience and lower cost. TigerConnect, for instance, provides digital tools that facilitate enhanced communication and collaboration among doctors and their teams – from physician scheduling software that automates shift and on-call planning to secure communications via video, voice or text – plus its patient engagement platform which connects patients directly with physicians so they can ask questions or receive updates during treatment.

Johnson & Johnson is well known for its over-the-counter baby products like No Tears baby shampoo; however, its healthcare arm Cigna offers customers more control over their health by helping them find doctors, schedule appointments and understand healthcare benefits more easily.

Healthcare industry companies such as Novo Nordisk are taking advantage of biotech and pharmaceutical innovation to address severe diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s, while BenevolentAI uses AI-powered drug discovery platforms like Data-Driven Discovery Platform for faster and more precise research.

Healthcare facility firms manage a range of medical buildings, such as hospitals, clinics and labs. Laboratory Corp of America Holdings runs laboratories offering blood testing and analyses while HCA Healthcare Inc operates hospitals. Telehealth provider Teladoc connects patients directly with physicians via video to offer healthcare for various conditions.

Companies within the healthcare industry provide essential services that contribute to maintaining our society’s wellbeing and safety. While some are more widely-recognized than others, such as AmerisourceBergen, they still make an impactful difference to lives and healthcare systems worldwide. With demand for talented employees quickly rising in this sector, opportunities exist for people looking to start or advance careers within this field.