how to stop gambling online

If you are addicted to online gambling, it can be challenging to break free. There are ways you can reduce temptation and increase your odds of staying away altogether – by identifying triggers and developing effective coping mechanisms; for instance, therapy, sharing emotions with trusted friends, attending support groups or finding healthier hobbies to replace gambling altogether can all help.

Likewise, if your gambling addiction stems from depression or anxiety, treatment should also be sought for those conditions as they can often trigger or worsen gambling problems and continue causing symptoms even after quitting gambling.

Truthfulness is of utmost importance when discussing a gambling addiction. While admitting you have a problem can be hard, honesty will open doors to genuine support from friends and family who care about you.

Modifying your environment can help break the habit of gambling by making it harder to access tempting sites and apps. Create a list of all platforms you use for gambling, and look for self-exclusion features available through each. Most online gambling platforms provide this free service and allow you to select whether your ban from gambling will be temporary or permanent.

Finding activities to replace gambling can be essential in your journey to recovery from online gambling. Hobbies and physical activities provide not only relief from online gambling’s grip on you but can also bring a sense of achievement and satisfaction as they fill the void left by gambling – not to mention increase self-esteem, reduce stress levels and anxiety, contribute to overall better wellbeing and offer you a healthier lifestyle overall.

Consider installing internet filtering software on both your computer and mobile device. Such programs can block specific websites while restricting internet access based on time, location or keywords – they could also help monitor spending habits and prevent you from purchasing items which might tempt you towards gambling.

Switching to a non-smartphone may help limit access to gambling sites and social media accounts, providing you with more cost-effective solution that may also act as physical barrier from gambling temptations. Setting time limits helps too – only use your smartphone for work-related use!

Willpower alone will never be enough to overcome an online gambling addiction, leading to frustration and eventual relapse. Seeking outside assistance through self-exclusion, accountability measures and eliminating triggers is the best way to break free. GamCare’s website offers individuals struggling with gambling symptom guides, financial management assistance and free counseling services – providing resources specifically targeted toward helping those struggling. BetterHelp is an online therapy service that connects individuals with licensed, accredited therapists for depression, anxiety and relationship issues. After taking an assessment test and getting connected with one as quickly as 48 hours.