does herbal tea break intermittent fasting

Tea is an incredibly popular beverage and offers many health benefits. However, certain varieties should be avoided while on an intermittent fast as certain ingredients could disrupt or trigger an insulin response that interferes with fat burning capabilities of the body. Drinking tea could help you reach your weight-loss or fitness goals faster, yet many wonder whether herbal tea breaks intermittent fasting?

Answering this question depends on both the type of tea and how it’s prepared. In general, herbal tea is free from calories and shouldn’t affect your fast if consumed without milk or sugar; however if it contains fruit sugars it could break it. For those fasting with sensitive stomachs it may be beneficial to stick with plain tea without additives or sweeteners.

Milk or any form of dairy will increase calories and break your fast. Milk causes your body to produce an insulin spike, preventing you from burning fat during an intermittent fast.

HIbiscus tea can make for a refreshing hot beverage when taking part in intermittent fasting, as its low calorie count and versatility makes it suitable for enjoyment hot or iced. Furthermore, its soothing properties may help soothe an upset stomach.

Green tea can also be an ideal addition to an intermittent fast, as its high antioxidant levels help improve metabolism. Furthermore, research suggests it supports production of adiponectin hormones which regulate your blood sugar levels.

Green tea only interferes with your fast when mixed with milk, sugar, or any other high-calorie ingredients that increase caloric intake and can trigger an insulin response that disrupts fat burning processes.

Many people enjoy drinking matcha green tea during their fasting windows for its rich source of antioxidants and its energy-boosting qualities. Unfortunately, most store-bought matcha powders contain milk powder and sugar which will break your fast – opt instead for high quality powder without milk powder and sugar that does not contain calories, or make your own green tea from scratch during fasting windows.